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What is the New Testament Church?

Today, churches of all kinds can be found throughout the many cities of America. This raises an important question.

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Welcome to Southside church of Christ,

We are a group of Christians who assemble in Rapid City, South Dakota, and strive to follow the pattern of the church in the New Testament scriptures. In today’s world, it is difficult to determine what a particular church actually is, but we are simply Christians; nothing more, and nothing less, and we’re helping each other get to heaven the only way we know how, through obedience to the Law of Christ by the grace shown to us on the cross of Christ’s sacrifice.

If you are new to the idea of going to church, don’t fear because all of us have been there before. Below are a few audio sermons we’ve selected to help you out. Also, we hope you will consider the options on our “FOR A BETTER UNDERSTANDING” page.

We hope you will come see us soon!