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•Can I simply be saved by being a good person?

•I know that God was very strict in the Old Testament, but today, with the grace of Jesus, isn’t God much less severe?

•How could God forgive me after all the sins that I have done?

•Are my parents lost because they did not practice the things which you teach?

•How could a Loving and Merciful God send me to Hell?

•Why do you say that only adults should be baptized, wouldn’t it be logical to baptize babies since we are born sinful?

The Church:

•Why do I need to go to Church? Everyone there is a Hypocrite Anyway.

•I’m searching for a new church home. What should I be looking for?

•What is the Church?

•Isn’t the church of Christ the group that believes they’re the only ones going to heaven?


•Does God have a Plan for me?

•Am I Wrong to Doubt Sometimes?


•Is there historical evidence that can confirm the life and existence of Jesus?

•Am I Wrong to Doubt Sometimes?


•Isn’t calling on the name of the Lord simply saying the Sinner’s Prayer in order to be saved?

•Where do you get the “direct command, approved example, and necessary inference” idea from?

•I’ve been taught that once you’re truly saved, then your salvation is forever secure. Is that true?


•I’ve heard that the Bible talks about an “Unforgivable Sin,” what is this sin and how do I know if I’ve already committed it?

•How could God forgive me after all the sins that I have done?


•Why does every marriage have to be between a male and a female? Is this because of the example of Adam and Eve in the Bible?


•I’ve heard people use Leviticus 18:22 and Leviticus 20:13 to call homosexuality a sin, but don’t these verses only condemn sex among men if done in the worship of idols?

•How could homosexuality be wrong? We are all born differently with a certain sexual preference.

•What does the Bible say about the possibility of being born a Homosexual?

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